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WEBINAR: Find Out How a Free, 2-month DuraCloud Trial Account Can Help YOU! on 9/26

Winchester, MA  The DuraCloud team will host the sixth in a series of web events to familiarize customers and the general public with DuraCloud on Wednesday, September 26th at 12:30pm ET. Wednesday's brown bag session will detail the ways in which DuraCloud can help you solve problems around preserving and/or providing access to content, enabling scheduled distributed off-site backups, ensuring the health of your content once it is stored in the cloud, working through the business/contractual side of choosing a cloud vendor, and much more!

• All About DuraCloud Brown Bag Webinars:
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Tune in to the "DuraCloud Brown Bag Series" for short, 30-minute demonstrations and/or discussions of new features, common use cases, and frequently asked questions.
An additional 15 minutes at the end of each will be reserved for questions. The Brown Bag series will take place on the last Wednesday of every month from 12:30-1:15pm ET.

There is no need to register to attend, simply connect to the session if you are available.

To join the event:

1. Log in to
2. On the welcome page, click to "Enter As Guest" and enter your name and institution.
3. Click "Enter Room" and the session will launch.

Before the event:

• Audio for the webinar will be presented through your computer speakers.
• Please be sure to run a system test before logging in:

For a complete list of upcoming Brown Bag topics or to submit a suggested topic, please visit: or contact Carissa Smith:

All brown bag sessions are recorded and posted within a few days to the DuraCloud YouTube channel: