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Webinar Series: Planning for the Future of College Classrooms

Washington, DC  LSC (Learning Spaces Collaboratory) Webinars with the theme, "building and sustaining institutional-wide awareness of how space matters to learning," will be facilitated by colleagues from campuses that have formal programs for managing and planning classrooms and informal learning spaces. Webinars explore how to gain a sense of the community, capitalize on internal interest and expertise in ongoing renewal of program and place, and use current and capital funds most efficiently in renewing the physical fabric of the campus.

• The University of Richmond Experience in Classroom Management: September 20, 2012>.

• The University of Minnesota Experience with Active Learning Classrooms: October 11, 2012>.

• The University of California Berkeley Experience with a Working Group Making the Case for Active Learning Classrooms: November 14, 2012>.

• The University of Illinois at Chicago Experience with Project Oasis, an Informal Learning Space Program: December 11, 2012>.

About LSC

The LSC is a broad community with a shared commitment to transforming the physical learning environment for our nation’s undergraduate learners>.