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Helping Hacks to Gather NYC Technologists in Support of Non-Profit & Social Enterprise

From Nate Heasley, Executive Director of Goodnik.

New York, NY Goodnik’s first ever hackathon will to take place in NYC on August 24th-26th where nonprofit organizations and social enterprises in need of technology assistance will get a big “Helping Hack” from some of New York’s top developers, designers, and other technologists. The event will take place over the course of a weekend, starting on Friday August 24th with organizations making presentations to recruit hackers to their cause. The rest of the weekend will be spent putting together real solutions to the challenges presented, culminating on Sunday the 26th with presentations by the hackers on what they’ve accomplished. The Hatchery has generously provided their space at The Alley NYC, 500 7th Avenue, 17th Floor for the event.

Helping Hacks is intended to provide real solutions for real problems facing small nonprofit organizations and social entrepreneurs; “All too often the biggest barrier to success for smaller non-profit organizations is finding the right technology resources,” said Nate Heasley, Executive Director of Goodnik, Inc. “and while many technology professionals want to be able to donate their time, it’s not always easy to find the right projects to work on. Helping Hacks is the first step in getting techies and nonprofits to work together to solve major social problems.”

About Goodnik

Founded in 2012, Goodnik> is a nonprofit organization located in New York City. Goodnik’s mission is is to provide resources for social entrepreneurs and early-stage nonprofit organizations, and to promote social responsibility and charitable giving in private business, especially in the technology sector.

Helping Hacks is the first ever hackathon hosted by Goodnik. Visit to register and learn more about the event or contact for more details about submitting projects for consideration, or sponsorship opportunities.