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REGISTER: 2012 VIVO Conference to Highlight Open Information Infrastructure for Research Discovery

From Mike Conlon, University of Florida, VIVO 2012 Conference Chair 

Miami, FL The third annual VIVO conference will be held in Miami, August 22-24.  Deadline for registration is July 31. See for registration and program information.

In less than three years, the goal of establishing a national network of scientists has blossomed into a world effort to partner in support of an open information infrastructure for research discovery, collaboration and scholarly work. We are constantly amazed at the level of energy and passion surrounding researcher networking and the advancement of team science.
We are particularly excited about the 3rd Annual VIVO Conference and the opportunities it presents to attendees for collaboration and exploration.
There is also a remarkable international presence at the 2012 VIVO Conference, and the Miami setting is perfect for our eclectic mix of scholars, scientists, researchers, developers, publishers, funding agencies, research officers, students, institutional officials and those supporting discovery and the development of open collaborative science.
The third conference marks a transition in the history of VIVO, from a project started at Cornell University, to a national NIH consortium grant, to an international, open source, linked open data resource for world scholarship.  At the conference we will have many opportunities to further describe our new partnership with DuraSpace and the opportunities this affords the VIVO community to continue to grow and prosper.
The three-day conference is an excellent opportunity for you to attend VIVO workshops, learning more about VIVO and how it will address the scholarship needs of today and the future, meet with VIVO community members from around the world, see tools and services supporting VIVO, and hear from some of the foremost thinkers in open scholarship.
We hope you will be able to join us at the third annual VIVO conference in Miami, August 22-24: