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@mire on the Importance of the Duraspace 2012 Community Sponsorship Program

From Bram Luyten, @mire

"The DSpace community relies a great deal on grassroot efforts across the globe. People not only contribute by writing code but also contribute by providing valuable requirements, use cases, translations, documentation and bug fixes. Duraspace does a fantastic job guiding and channeling these efforts. Without someone at the helm it would become much harder, if not impossible, to follow a time based release schedule and release new versions on a regular basis. The professional and personal lives of many open source contributors often make it very challenging to be involved on a consistent and regular basis. Your sponsorship provides the people in Duraspace with exactly the support they need to be consistently providing support and leadership to get these projects to their next milestone. In this light, Duraspace is really your best bet if you care about continuity and innovation of the DSpace, Fedora Commons and Duracloud projects."

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