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Developer "Office Hours" for Hydra, Fedora and DSpace–Drop-ins Welcome!

Ithaca, NY Those of us who have navigated through mazes of menu options online or on the phone to find information would agree that it's great when you are fortunate enough to find a real person waiting on the other end of a communcation to answer questions. Three real people: Matt Zumwalt, Media Shelf and Technical Lead Hydra project; Chris Wilper, Technical Lead and Developer, Fedora repository project and; Tim Donohue, Technical Lead and Developer, DSpace project have volunteered to be available online to answer your questions about Hydra, Fedora and DSpace technical development.

Matt is available "to convey as much of my own hands-on knowledge about the Hydra components to as many people as possible."

About Hydra Office Hours!msg/hydra-tech/iNlE-78K8Qw/JCuJPGTETZkJ

Notes from Hydra Office Hours No. 1

Connect with Chris Wilper each Thursday from 10-5 pm ET on the #duraspace IRC channel on Freenode:

About Fedora office hours

Talk with Tim Donohue every Weds from 1-4pm ET on the #duraspace IRC channel on Freenode

About DSpace office hours

Got a dev question or just an idea you want to bounce off someone? Stop by and let's talk about it.