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Announcements: New Members of the DSpace Community Advisory Team

Ithaca, NY  DuraSpace is pleased to announce eight new members of the DSpace community group, the DSpace Community Advisory Team (DCAT).

Augustine Gitonga - Aga Khan University Hospital
Michael Guthrie - BioMed Central
Dibyendra Hyoju - Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya/
Sue Kunda - Oregon State University
Bram Luyten - @mire
Alice Platt - Southern New Hampshire University
Imma Subirats - OEKC, FAO of the United Nations
Ciarán Walsh - Enovation Solutions, Ltd
The new members above join our veteran volunteers and existing DCAT members:

Rea Devakos - University of Toronto
Valorie Hollister - DuraSpace
Iryna Kuchma -
Jim Ottaviani - University of Michigan
Sarah Shreeves - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Elin Stangeland - Cambridge University Library
Beth Tillinghast - University of Hawaii at Manoa
The primary goals of DCAT is to help review and facilitate community-wide discussions about new feature requests and to provide support to the DSpace Committer group in producing software releases.
The main activities of DCAT are:

  • Review JIRA new feature requests, provide draft of recommendations and lead DCAT discussion on the request
  • Provide feedback in JIRA about specific new feature requests
  • Facilitate community-wide discussions on selected new feature requests - flesh out minimum requirements and potential project team / stakeholders and developers
  • Attend monthly DCAT teleconferences
  • Collaborate on other project, tools, resources which serve the community
  • Help to organize user group meetings
  • Network regularly with other DSpace users in country/region
  • Participate in mailing lists or discussion forums to share knowledge and best practices
  • Periodically attend the weekly DSpace Committers meetings

The success of any open-source project lies with the community contributing its collective energy, knowledge, enthusiasm, and effort. Thank you to each of the DCAT members who have volunteered to serve the DSpace community!
If you would like more information about DCAT or if you have any questions about their work, please visit the wiki or contact Valorie Hollister at