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DuraCloud's Redundant Storage Feature Highlighted in Campus Technology

Ithaca, NY In a recent Campus Technology article (May 1, "DuraCloud Offers Redundant Storage Across Multiple Cloud Providers": author Alicia Brazington points out that academia is often nervous about entrusting precious and irreplacable digital assets to cloud storage providers. The "cloud" seems like an abstraction because hardware cannot be seen or accessed nearby. The potential for loss of control seems like an impediment for academics who might otherwise consider taking advantage of cloud storage economies.

Enter DuraCloud. Brazington highlights the following features designed to give DuraCloud customers confidence in the safety of their content:

  • It's designed to support replication and backup activities, preservation and archiving, repository backup and multimedia access.
  • Clients use DuraCloud software as a service (SaaS) to manage settings and content.
  • From a customized dashboard, clients can manage content, set up sub-accounts, and control permissions.
  • Users can move copies of content into the cloud and store them with different providers.
  • All content is automatically checked for health, and corrupt files are replaced.
  • Storage terms and the location of data are completely transparent.
  • Migration strategies can be executed on a client’s behalf.
  • Clients work exclusively with DuraCloud for one fixed rate.
  • Stored data can be shared and streamed.

As Bryan Beecher, ICPSR director of computing and network services and DuraCloud customer notes in the article, "There’s this knee-jerk reaction that you need to have physical control of content, but I’d say it’s safer in the cloud.”

Dig deeper into DuraCloud ( services and pricing with Carissa Smith, DuraCloud Partner Specialist, at a webinar TOMORROW, 5/9, 2pm ET showcasing three levels of digital preservation and archiving services in the cloud. Smith will explain all three subscription plans and demonstrate automatic content health check services, integrated dashboard reporting features, as well as streaming and sharing capabilities. There will be time reserved at the end of the session for questions.


Read more about new DuraCloud features and pricing here: