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WIRED Cloudline report: DuraCloud Helps Keep Your Content Safe

Ithaca, NY Content replication across cloud storage providers is a key factor in meeting higher education and research requirements for taking advantage of the cloud. As Kyle Johnson reported in the April 19 WIRED Cloudline post, "DuraCloud Protects Against Cloud Failures" [link:], DuraCloud's one-click access to multiple cloud storage providers can ensure that irreplaceable content is preserved in multiple spaces simultaneously.

DuraCloud ( is a managed cloud service from DuraSpace that makes it easy to move copies of content into the cloud and store them with several different cloud providers. DuraCloud offers fixity checking at the time of ingest and at regular intervals while being stored.

DuraCloud features are in line with what respondents to a Library of Congress National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA) survey on storage reported were of value: “fixity checking, automated tasks and migration services.” [link:].
These options give DuraCloud users the ability to be in control of their content while at the same time taking advantage of cloud economies of scale and reduction of on-site hardware and software costs.
• DuraCloud customers can use one or all of the cloud storage providers and still manage all of the content from one web interface keeping costs down, content preserved and accessibility guaranteed.

• DuraCloud securely stores assets and and performs periodic content “health checks” assuring information is being preserved as it should be.
• With DuraCloud additional flexible and scalable storage is offered instantly as a service.
Find out for yourself. Sign up for a 60-day free DuraCloud trial account here: [link:] The trial allows you to upload any of your content to DuraCloud and test any of the DuraCloud services.