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LibDevConX^3: Shared Strategies and Technologies Across Projects

From Tom Cramer, Chief Technology Strategist, Stanford University Libraries

Palo Alto, CA LibDevConX^3 was held at Stanford March 26-28.  Participants included 35 developers from different institutions descending on Palo Alto to share strategies and technologies across projects. Fedora, solr, Blacklight and Hydra were all major topics of discussion, as were several exercises exploring how components of the Hydra stack might work with components from other solution spaces (such as  VIVO/Vitro and CDL Microservices). Of particularly interest were several discussion on sharing models across institutions, and exploring how to leverage linked data and RDF more fully in Fedora-based installations. See

Tom Cramer kicking off the LibDevConX Meeting at Stanford, 23-25 March 2010 (photo by Roy Tennant):