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NEW DuraCloud for Research Wiki Web Site

Ithaca, NY DuraCloud for Research (DfR), the cloud-based open source data storage and management project aimed at meeting the specific needs of working scientists, researchers and data managers has launched a web site on the DuraSpace wiki:

The web site provides:

• Project description—with a link to the full DfR project narrative
• Project Status—an overview of the development schedule plus links to the DfR workshop report and the architectural strawman
• Get Involved—an overview of DfR-related questions that you may be able to help answer
• Stay Informed—join the DfR mailing list to get current DfR news and information
• Resources—related documentation and information

DfR is committed to providing a solution for managing research data that’s safe, secure, flexible, and easy-to-use for the scientist who does not have IT staff on hand to help tackle data management issues. With DuraCloud for Research, “catching” the results of research at the source means that scientists and researchers have the ability to meet granting agency requirements for accountability in preserving and creating access to data.

DfR is an expansion of DuraSpace’s DuraCloud data management and archiving service and is being funded through a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Development is underway and the new service is expected to launch in 2013.