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Contribute to the New KnowledgeBase in March and Win Amazon Gift Cards

The March KnowledgeBase drawing is on!

Contribute to the DuraSpace KnowledgeBase get a chance at a $100 Amazon gift card! Yep, that's right, the drawing has increased this month to $100!

Don't feel like an expert? You can still contribute content! There are many previously written resources (The DSpace Course or the Fedora Tutorials) that you can adapt/re-use (with proper attribution) and put into the KnowledgeBase format. 

To be eligible for the March drawing:

  1. Select any topic from the KnowledgeBase outline (DSpace: or Fedora: 
  2. Either write one outline topic (or update existing materials from the DSpace Course or the Fedora Tutorials) or record a brief screencast which walks through a topic/concept.
  3. Post your content to the KnowledgeBase by March 31, 2012.   

For more details, including sample content, links to previously written resources, see the previous blog post. If you have any questions please email Valorie Hollister at