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Hydra at Code{4}Lib 2012

Ithaca, NY The recent "sold-out" Code{4}Lib Conference was hosted by the Orbis Cascade Alliance and the University of Washington Libraries February 6-9, 2012. Slides are available for two Hydra project presentations of note.

Hydra lets institutions deploy robust and durable digital repositories supporting multiple “heads”: feature-rich digital asset management applications and tailored workflows. Its principal platforms are the Fedora Repository, Blacklight, Solr, and Ruby on Rails.

Naomi Dushay, Stanford University Libraries, presented "Practical Agile: What's Working for Stanford, Blacklight, and Hydra" to showcase Blacklight and Hydra projects that were jump started with these nimble best practices.


Libraries serve patrons by showcasing collections, artifacts and aquisitions of particular or current interest in exhibits. Rick Johnson and Dan Brubaker Horst, University of Notre Dame presented a Hydra framework approach for creating exhibits including metadata management, custom browse and search: "A Community-Based Approach to Developing a Digital Exhibit at Notre Dame Using the Hydra Framework."