Hydra at Code{4}Lib 2012

Tue, 2012-03-06 11:42 -- carol

Ithaca, NY The recent "sold-out" Code{4}Lib Conference was hosted by the Orbis Cascade Alliance and the University of Washington Libraries February 6-9, 2012. Slides are available for two Hydra project presentations of note.

Hydra lets institutions deploy robust and durable digital repositories supporting multiple “heads”: feature-rich digital asset management applications and tailored workflows. Its principal platforms are the Fedora Repository, Blacklight, Solr, and Ruby on Rails.

Naomi Dushay, Stanford University Libraries, presented "Practical Agile: What's Working for Stanford, Blacklight, and Hydra" to showcase Blacklight and Hydra projects that were jump started with these nimble best practices.

Slides: http://code4lib.org/conference/2012/dushay

Libraries serve patrons by showcasing collections, artifacts and aquisitions of particular or current interest in exhibits. Rick Johnson and Dan Brubaker Horst, University of Notre Dame presented a Hydra framework approach for creating exhibits including metadata management, custom browse and search: "A Community-Based Approach to Developing a Digital Exhibit at Notre Dame Using the Hydra Framework."

Slides: http://code4lib.org/conference/2011/JohnsonHorst

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