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New Open Source Video Digitization Tools from the National Archives

From Kate Murray, Digitization Process Development Specialist, Digitization Services (IDS), National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)

Washington, DC The National Archives Digitization Services Branch ( recently completed a project to improve the technical infrastructure options for reformatted video in the cultural heritage community and is pleased to release the final products for use by other institutions and the public. This
project was strongly supported by AudioVisual Preservation Solutions ( (AVPS) and developed in conjunction with the Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative ( (FADGI). The National Archives hopes that these tools and applications will not only be useful, but also enhanced by the larger community of cultural institutions.

reVTMD is an XML schema specifically addressing the needs of reformatted video in the cultural heritage community. This schema draws from several existing schemas including videoMD and PB Core. It also adds value to the community through the inclusion of parseable structures to record capture history data which would include critical information such as make and model of playback and capture devices. reVTMD is now available on (

MediaInfo ( now includes support to extract technical metadata from a wide variety of video file formats and wrappers, populate the reVTMD schema and export the data as a reVTMD schema compliant XML file.

AVI MetaEdit builds on the functionality of the popular open source BWF MetaEdit ( tool developed by AVPS and FADGI in 2010. Mirroring what BWF MetaEdit does for RIFF-based Broadcast WAVE format (BWF) audio files, AVI MetaEdit supports embedding and validating metadata in RIFF-based AudioVisual Interleave format (AVI) video files. AVI is the current format choice ( for creating preservation masters within the Digitization Services Branch at NARA. NARA is working with FADGI to finalize embedded metadata guidelines for reformatted video as supported within AVI MetaEdit. AVI MetaEdit is now available on NARA’s GitHub ( ) site.