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DSpace and Fedora Repository Growth

Ithaca, NY The DSpace turnkey institutional repository application and the Fedora framework for building digital repositories are open source technologies that have contributed to the preservation of all types of evolving forms of digital assets. These include PDFs of electronic theses and dissertations, research papers, videos, images, audio files, spread sheets, data sets and web pages—which are increasingly part of preservation strategies—in institutional repositories, digital libraries, digital archives and virtual research environments.

Installations of DSpace and Fedora open source repository software grew around the world in 2011. About 100 new DSpace instances came on line increasing from 1,165 to 1,269 installations (some of these repositories may not be active).

Click here to view the current registry of DSpace installations or to add a repository.

Fedora instances grew by about 25% going from 173 known instances to 251. This number includes 22 Islandora instances. One of the biggest jumps for Fedora in a geographic area occurred in Lithuania.

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Please consider adding your repository to the registries of projects and organizations using DSpace or Fedora software. The registries are both destinations and jumping-off points for collaboration and connection between organizations, institutions and projects. Identifing repositories leverages their value by making what they do visible to the rest of the community and beyond.

DSpace and Fedora are part of the DuraSpace ( open source technology portfolio.