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Contribute to the New KnowledgeBase and Win Amazon Gift Cards

Do you have experience using DSpace or Fedora? Could you write a description of the Fedora Digital Object Data Model? Could you record a short screencast on how to maximize DSpace’s batch metadata editing feature? If so, you could win a $50 Amazon gift card!

Beginning on February 1, DuraSpace will be holding a monthly drawing to encourage content contributions to the new KnowledgeBase. The KnowledgeBase is an initiative aimed at improving the training and educational resources available to the DSpace and Fedora user communities. Once it is populated with content, this wiki-based resource will help new users get a repository up and running as well as perform various basic administrative tasks using a variety of delivery tools (text-based guides, images, diagrams, screencasts, presentation slides, webinars, etc.). The usefulness of the KnowledgeBase depends on the collaborative efforts of the DSpace and Fedora user communities. For the next several months if you create content you not only help the community but you could win a chance to help yourself to something on your Amazon wish list!

Drawing Details

  • Each month DuraSpace will put out the call for new content contributions to the KnowledgeBase. Contributors can create any type of content the wish -- text-based guides, images, diagrams, screencasts, etc. to address any topic under the existing topic outline for either DSpace or Fedora
  • All entries must be posted to the appropriate wiki page by contributors by the last day of the month. 
  • All entries will be validated to ensure submissions meet the minimum entry requirement which is either, 1) a complete text guide for an existing outline topic or for an additional supplemental topic, or 2) a complete screencast for one outline topic/subtopic, approximately 5 minutes in length. 
  • Contributors may use adapt/update previously published material (The DSpace Course, Fedora Tutorial, etc.), although appropriate attribution should be footnoted. 
  • A random drawing will determine a winner of that month's $50 Amazon gift card, which will be awarded within 7 days. 
  • Anyone outside of DuraSpace employees/contract employees is eligible to participate. 
  • Individuals may enter the contest more than once in the same month to increase their chances of winning and may also win for multiple months. 

Take a Look

The KnowledgeBase was developed in consultation with the community and was designed to allow for as much flexibility and community contributions -- however large or small -- as possible. Content is easy to contribute using the familiar DuraSpace wiki environment. Simply edit or add pages the same way you do anywhere else on the wiki. Any suggestions you may have for making the content more useful, more relevant for the community is always welcomed. Either use the "Comment" section at the bottom of each page or email Valorie Hollister at

For more information about the KnowledgeBase:

For information on content contribution and guidelines:

DSpace KnowledgeBase Home:

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Fedora KnowledgeBase Home:

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