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DSpace at the Heart of Thai Legislative Repository Launch

Ithaca, NY Governments all over the world are finding that access to government information is a key part of engaging stakeholders—members of government, officials, citizens, businesses and more—in using data to leverage economic opportunity. The Parliment of Thailand made the decision to implement a DSpace ( repository to meet national requirements for access, space, scalability and preservation:

"The Parliament established a working group to develop the digital library. Adisak Sukul, Ph.D., from the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science, KMITL, was invited to serve on the working group as a consultant for digital collection development. Adisak said “As the number and size of National Assembly’s documents grow dramatically every year, in order to serve the public, we need a scalable yet reliable system to handle this massive load. The working group chose DSpace as the answer, and it’s cost effective too.”"

Read the EIFL blog post "Parliament of Thailand to launch repository for legislative documents" here: