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NOW AVAILABLE: DuraCloud 1.3

Customer requested features improve content control in the cloud

Ithaca, NY The newest DuraCloud release provides fine-grained access control over your content in the cloud with significant user administration improvements:

• Improved access control–Account administrators can now create access control lists indicating which users and groups have read and/or write access to the content within a DuraCloud space;
• Updated copy operation–Users can now copy, move and rename content items within a space, between spaces, and between storage providers;
• Email notification on service completion–When users launch an application or service in Duracloud they will now receive notification via email when the service is complete;
• Updates and improvements–Get all the details in the release notes:

About DuraSpace

DuraSpace is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. DuraSpace software and services are used worldwide as solutions for open access, institutional repositories, digital libraries, digital archives, data curation, virtual research environments, and more. The organization's open-source technology portfolio includes the DSpace open access repository application and the Fedora open repository platform. DuraSpace is the home of DuraCloud, a cloud-based software service that leverages existing cloud infrastructure to enable durability and access to digital content. The DuraSpace team includes recognized leaders and experts in the management of digital information. The team works with an active and diverse international community committed to the durability of digital resources.