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SLIDES/VIDEO AVAILABLE: DuraCloud Technical Overview; Integrating DSpace with DuraCloud

Ithaca, NY Slides and video recordings from recent DuraSpace web seminars are now available.

About DuraCloud Technical Overview Web Seminar

On Nov. 16 DuraCloud lead developer Bill Branan gave a webinar that reviewed the technical architecture behind DuraCloud and  laid out plans for the future of DuraCloud. This presentation included a look at the web applications that comprise DuraCloud and how these applications interact with one another in a cloud environment along with an explanation of the DuraCloud REST API.


About Integrating DSpace with DuraCloud Web Seminar

On Nov. 30 DSpace technical lead Tim Donohue offered an overview of the DSpace Curation System and how you can seamlessly use the DSpace "Replication Task Suite" add-on to back up your content to DuraCloud through the DSpace user interface. He discussed the curation tasks available, as well as how archival information packages (AIPs) are created and used in the system.

Video: (available soon)