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Whatever the Weather DuraCloud Preserves Your Data

Ithaca, NY State-of-the-art facilities and security systems are important aspects of ensuring that an organization’s critical data is preserved and protected. Key digital information can include operational documents such as design and manufacturing specifications, proprietary content, personnel records and more. What if the weather does not cooperate? Evidence of severe and random weather events continue to mount from the Tsunami in Japan earlier this year to the effects of multiple devasting storms in the Northeast United States this fall. Recent floods in Thailand endangered populations while challenging the ability of manufacturers’ to function by destroying physical structures:
The loss of manufacturing facilities, supplies, inventory and data can be economically catastrophic. Cloud back-up and storage solutions–the ability to store and access data off-site from multiple locations–provide significant safety options for businesses and organizations in a world where weather-related losses seem to be on the rise.
A costly ripple from Thai floods
DuraCloud is the only managed software service that lets organizations archive multiple copies across several geographies and cloud providers with one click. It’s easy to store and do more with DuraCloud to archive, share and manage content in the cloud to make sure that irreplaceable documents remain accessible whatever the weather does.