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DSpace Releases 1.8 with iTunes U RSS Capability

Ithaca, NY DSpace 1.8, the latest version of the popular turnkey open source institutional repository application is now available with the new iTunes U Media RSS feed. This feature was built to help the DSpace community distribute content on iTunes U, a dedicated area within the iTunes Store giving users public access to hundreds of thousands of free lectures, videos, books, and podcasts from learning institutions all over the world.
The iTunes U Media RSS feeds feature was created by Peter Dietz, Systems Developer/Engineer at The Ohio State University Libraries. The application addresses OSU’s goal to provide broad access to key resources and to distribute educational content to users worldwide. "DSpace now provides access to the content of our repository items directly in the RSS feed, allowing our users to subscribe to collections via Media RSS readers like iTunes U,” says Dietz. “Additionally, by adding Media RSS support to our collections, our clients who previously hand edited and uploaded XML files to the server every time they had new content to add to the Podcast feed, have found that the whole process is much simplified. Once they add content to DSpace, the RSS feed is automatically updated with the latest content.” 
New DSpace 1.8 features include:  

• A new set of Curation System Tools and Plug-ins that provide more ways to manage routine content operations on a repository, including running a routine check on a collection to make sure it has the required metadata; 
• A Configurable Reviewer Workflow gives repository managers the ability to assign repository content reviews in several ways;
• The DSpace SWORD Client that enables DSpace repositories to push/submit content to other SWORD-enabled repositories; and  
• Creative Commons licensing for XMLUI that better integrates the Creative Commons license selection into the content submission process.
About DSpace

DSpace is an out-of-the-box open source repository software package for creating repositories focused on delivering digital content to end users, and providing a full set of tools for managing and preserving content within the application. DSpace was first released in 2002 and is the most widely-used repository software platform worldwide representing a growing and active user community, with more than 1,100 installed instances. Technically, DSpace is a set of cooperating Java web applications and utility programs that maintain an asset store and an associated metadata store. The web applications provide interfaces for administration, deposit, ingest, search, and access. The asset store is maintained on a file system, or similar storage system.  The metadata, including access and configuration information, is stored in a relational database. 
About DuraSpace 

DuraSpace is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.  DuraSpace provides leadership and innovation in the use of open source and cloud-based technologies to serve libraries, universities, and research centers, for managing and preserving digital content.  The organization’s open source technology portfolio includes the DSpace open access repository application and the Fedora open repository platform. DuraSpace is the home of DuraCloud, an emerging cloud-based service that leverages existing cloud infrastructure to ensure durability and enable access to digital content.

Download DSpace 1.8 here.
To learn more about iTunes U, visit here.
For more information on OSU’s process for adding DSpace collections to iTunes U, visit Peter Dietz's project website here.