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GSearch Version 2.3 Now Available

From Gert Schmeltz Pedersen, Special Consultant. DTU Library, Technical Information Center of Denmark, Technical University of Denmark

Lyngby, Denmark We are pleased to announce the release of Fedora Generic Search, or GSearch, version 2.3. It is compatible with Fedora 3.5, and it is upgraded to Lucene 3.4.0 and Solr 3.4.0. Further, it is upgraded to PDFBox 1.6.0.

You may download GSearch and get the documentation here:

GSearch 2.3 features simplified configuration, where the indexing stylesheet can be generated from example foxml files, requiring less xslt experience, and where basic properties are specified in a simple property file, instead of in an ant script.
If you migrate from GSearch 2.2 you may simply reuse your configuration files.
A new feature requested by users is the option to select the saxon xslt processor instead of xalan for generation of index documents.

You may see the complete list of issues for GSearch 2.3 here: