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Google Summer of Code Student Projects Contribute to DuraSpace Open Technologies

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From Tim Donohue, DuraSpace technical lead and developer

Ithaca, NY As we head into Fall (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere), we thought it appropriate to reflect back on the successes that came out of this year's Google Summer of Code (GSoC -

As you may recall, this is the first year that all DuraSpace projects took part in GSoC, with Fedora and DuraCloud joining DSpace with a project apiece.

This year we had a great group of students and mentors that resulted in a total of five successful GSoC projects!

Submission Enhancements in DSpace - Gaurav Kejriwal
(Mentored by Mark Diggory & Scott Phillips)

Gaurav's project sought to ease the ability of repository managers to customize the DSpace submission process. The goal was to allow Administrative users to configure the DSpace submission process from the administration user interface. The overarching idea is to replace the existing XML based configuration files (item-submission.xml and input-forms.xml) with a database-driven user interface. During the summer, Gaurav worked to replace the existing 'item-submission.xml' configuration file. With guidance from his mentors, Gaurav designed a new database-driven architecture, mocked up & built a new Submission Administrative UI (for XMLUI), and delivered a final code patch to the Committers. His work is under review in our JIRA Issue Tracker, and we hope that it will be added to a future version of DSpace.

For more on this project, screenshots and code, see:

Migrate to a modern Web service library for SOAP and support MTOM (Fedora) - Jiri Kremser
(Mentored by Adam Soroka)

Jiri worked on updates to Fedora to use Apache CXF for the SOAP exposure of Fedora's web service APIs. Fedora was formerly using an older web service library that had significant limitations. Jiri's changes will allow developers to integrate their software more easily, and in more familiar ways. His work is currently being tested and merged into the main line of development, and the committers hope to include it in Fedora 3.6, scheduled for late 2011.

For more on this project, see:

Eucalyptus Integration (DuraCloud) - Rajender Naik
(Mentored by Bill Branan and Andrew Woods)

Rajender's project focused on the creation of a storage provider implementation for the Eucalyptus Walrus cloud storage system. This new storage provider would allow for the integration of private clouds (running Walrus) with the public cloud systems that are currently available through DuraCloud. These hybrid clouds (which combine public and private cloud systems) provide an ideal solution for organizations that would like to combine the convenience and flexibility of the cloud with the security and predictability of in-house data centers. Rajender's work over the summer created a baseline implementation which can connect to a Walrus system and perform most basic storage functions. While more work is needed for this work to be included in the formal DuraCloud baseline, Rajender is still engaged and working to see this new storage provider become a part of DuraCloud in an upcoming release.

For more on this project, see:

New UI built over RESTful services (DSpace) - Vibhaj Rajan
(Mentored by Bojan Suzic & Mark Diggory)

Vibhaj investigated building one of the first user interfaces on top of the beta DSpace REST API ( His goal was to build a lightweight, theme-able, Javascript user interface, that could perform all normal DSpace activities via the REST API (some features are still a work in progress). Vibhaj's Javascript interface is powered by JQuery UI ( and a new FireSpark service computing platform (also built on JQuery). In addition, the project provides great examples of how DSpace may leverage JQuery (and similar technologies) to build even more dynamic and flashy interfaces. We hope to see Vibhaj's hard work updated & maintained alongside the REST API.

For more on this project, screenshots and code, see:

WebMVC (Freemarker) UI development (DSpace) - Robert Qin Zhengquan
(Mentored by Graham Triggs, Peter Dietz, & Stuart Lewis)

Robert concentrated on enhancing the new WebMVC (Freemarker) User Interface work (begun by Graham Triggs), a project which seeks to potentially update/replace the aging JSPUI. Robert's GSoC project centered around adding administrative functionality to the new WebMVC UI (EPerson/Group administration, Community/Collection administration, etc). The goal was to bring the WebMVC more in line with administrative tools available in other user interfaces (JSPUI or XMLUI). Robert's hard work has been immediately accepted into the current WebMVC codebase (hosted at github:

For more on this project, see:

For more on the WebMVC UI in general, see:


We would like to congratulate each of our students on a job well done! We sincerely believe that the code from each of these projects will be accepted or enhanced and released in a future version of each software platform.

Gaurav, Jiri, Rajender, Vibhaj and Robert, thanks again for making GSoC 2011 a great one!