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Welcome to the Latest DSpace Committer: Kevin Van de Velde

From Tim Donohue on behalf of the DSpace Committers Group

Ithaca, NY The DSpace committers team are delighted to announce a new member to the group: Kevin Van de Velde from @mire. Please join us in welcoming him!

Kevin has worked tirelessly for several years as a DSpace developer for @mire. A significant number of new features for DSpace have involved his participation. Kevin has been very active in helping to improve the DSpace backend (especially DSpace Service Manager), along with contributing to the DSpace Solr Statistics and Discovery projects. For the upcoming 1.8.0 release, Kevin added the ability for Administrators to reorder bitstreams (files) within a DSpace Item. In addition, he helped to create the new 1.8.0 Configurable Workflow feature. (More information on those new features is available in our 1.8.0 Release Notes:

Kevin comments on his interest in being a committer:  "I want to be a committer because, even though I work for @mire, I want to contribute even more than my internal activities within @mire allow. As an example of my recent independent work outside of @mire, I created a new backend and a new Spring based configuration for Discovery Indexing, Filter and Facet Configurations. I also recently worked to extend the DSpace Service managers configuration capabilities. Since I work with DSpace "day in" and "day out", I hope to provide many bug fixes to issues back to the community codebase on a regular basis."

We are always on the lookout for new developers, contributors, and committers within the DSpace community. Anyone who would like to get more involved is encouraged to do so. You are also welcome to contact us at any time if you'd like some ideas of how to start contributing:


Contributions can take many forms, from writing code to editing documentation, or testing new releases to designing new themes for our user interfaces.

If you or someone you know has been an active DSpace contributor for some time, you can also nominate that person to become our next committer! Nomination details are available at: