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For Your Repository Viewing Pleasure: "ASU Library Minutes"

Annali Perry, host of Arizona State University Libraries video series "The Library Minute."

Ithaca, NY Arizona State University Libraries, a DuraSpace gold sponsor, raised the bar in the battle for short-attention-span, culture-starved viewers in the online micro-media world with a series of Library Minute videos. These well-produced pieces are designed to direct patrons to the wealth of resources, exhibits and rich media available online and in campus libraries.

With the opener, "Need some culture or a slice of history? Want to take a study break? Visit an exhibit at one of our library locations," ASU Library Minute Host Anali Perry leads viewers through a fast-paced, less-than 60 second romp touching on interesting, free cultural opportunities available through the library. She skillfully mentions current exhibits available on the ASU library channel including live events coverage, Side By Side:  The Freedom Riders Sacrifice to Expose Segregation, and traveling exhibits like ASU Libraries Hosts National Exhibition on 1961 Freedom Riders.

Other recent ASU Library Minutes can be viewed here: