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For Your Repository Viewing Pleasure: "Frontiers of Science" Comics from University of Sydney Library

Winchester, MA Most of us can come up with at least one comic strip that has made a lasting impression. Comics have always been part of art for commerce culture that exists somewhere in between commodity and art form. Designed to resonate with a niche part of a newspaper's readers, well-known comics like Dilbert, Doonesbury and Cathy gained popularity because some part of the newspaper-buying public saw themselves reflected in comic strip characters. From 1961-1982 the Sydney Morning Herald took a chance on "Frontiers of Science," a new kind of comic that aimed to dramatize scientific breakthroughs in an illustrated format.

From "Frontiers of Science" web site (

"More science fact than science fiction, presented in dramatic black and white imagery, Frontiers of Science was a true life adventure of the story behind the amazing scientific breakthroughs of the day."

Developed with DSpace on the backend and presented in several browse (including a tag cloud) and search formats, the comic strips are grouped according to weekly science topics of the day such as "The Atom Harnessed" in 1962. The July 2011 issue of code{4}lib Journal includes an article by Gary Browne, "Web-Based Software Integration For Dissemination Of Archival Images: The Frontiers Of Science Website" with an overview of the materials and how the Sydney Library developed this interactive web site just in time for a "Frontiers" exhibition paraphernalia at the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) in Ultimo, Sydney.