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For Your Repository Viewing Pleasure: Art Online at the University of Calgary Library

 Image of an etching “1000 Frog Angels Dancing on the Head of a Nail”

Winchester, MA I don't know about you but an online image title like "1000 Frog Angels Dancing on the Head of a Nail" inspires me to take a closer look. This playful etching by California artist David Gilhooly is part of "The Art Collection" from "Our Future Out Past," an Alberta Heritage Digitization Project available through the University of Calgary Library's online resources. Images of artworks may be viewed a different sizes and resolution,  rotated, and shared.

The University of Calgary Library ( is a 2011 DuraSpace Silver Sponsor and part of the DSpace user community.

From "The Art Collection" web site:

"The Art Collection aims to increase public access to material held by Western Canadian museums and galleries. The Nickel Arts Museum at the University of Calgary is the first institution to make its collection available through this project."

A wide variety of browsable online resources are available from the University of Calgary Library that include 18th century collections, the Library of Congress American Memory collections and much more. Visit the Library's online resources ( for a glimpse into a rich digital culture and an online experience that includes access imagery, text, historic documents and video resources.