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Open Repositories 2011 Slides-Posts-Tweets-Photos

 University of Texas tower

Originally planned as a library, the University of Texas at Austin's tower is now used primarily as administrative offices. The 27-floor structure was completed in 1937.

Winchester, MA The Sixth International Open Repositories Conference (OR11) provided food for thought along with ample quantities of southwest-style beef barbeque in what has been called in the OR11 twitterverse "the very sassy Austin Texas." A vast array of interesting, on-the-spot reflections, reviews, analysis, and reports on emerging technologies, trends, implementations and impressions are intermixed with photos (Sixth Street, a motorcycle rally and bat sightings) in posts and tweets from attendees. Please send any missing information for inclusion in this in-progress listing of OR11 resources:

OR11 slides and abstracts that are available are linked from the Presentations and Authors page on the conference website. OR11 presenters can still send their presentations to


Tweets on the #or11 tag


Blog posts

@mire, by Bram Luyten

• Curation Tasks in DSpace (an Open Repositories 2011 Workshop report)

• The Modern Repository (an Open Repositories 2011 Brainstorm)

CURATEcamp at OR11

DevCSI blog

• Dev Challenge at Open Repositories 2011

• DevCSI Developer Challenge OR11 – The Judges!

The Disruptive Library Technology Jester blog: We're Disrupted, We're Librarians, and We're Not Going to Take it Anymore, by Peter Murray

• Open Repositories 2011 Report: DSpace on Spring and DuraSpace:

• Open Repositories 2011 Report: Day 1 with Apache, Technology Trends, and Bolded Labels:

• Open Repositories 2011 Report: Day 2 with DSpace plus Fedora and Lots of Lightning Talks:

• Open Repositories 2011 Report: Day 3 – Clifford Lynch Keynote on Open Questions for Repositories, Description of DSpace 1.8 Release Plans, and Overview of DSpace Curation Services:

da blog, ULCC Digital Archives Blog, by Richard Davis

• Open Repositories 2011 (Part 1)

• Open Repositories 2011 (Part 2): The Developer Challenge

• Open Repositories 2011 (Part 3): Changing Platforms

DuraSpace Blog, by Carol Minton Morris

• Hydra Project Introduces New Web Site at OR11

• Looking Back, Going Forward: The DuraSpace Roadmap

Elias' blog: Just another blog/or a way to save/share an idea

• 2011 Open Repositories Conference

Emory Libraries Tech Know-how, by R. Sutton

• Open Repositories Conference 2011

• OR11: Jim Jagielski on Open Source communities & processes (opening plenary)

• OR11: notes and quotes

• OR11: Clifford Lynch on Progress and Open Questions (closing plenary)

Library Spring "Accentuate the positive." On innovation for academic research libraries, and keeping up with the Googles. by H.J.  (Driek)  Heesakkers

• Open Repositories 2011 Overview

ptsefton blog, by Peter Sefton

• Mustering: Pitching for the DevCSI Developer Challenge at Open Repositories 11

The Signal, Digital Preservation, by Leslie Johnston

• Real Solutions at Open Repositories 2011


Photo sets

• 2011 June Austin OR11: @declan @keitabando