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For Your Repository Viewing Pleasure: Dagomba Dance Drumming from Tufts Digital Library

Winchester, MA Dagomba dance drumming originated in the kingdom of Dagbon which is located within the West African country of Ghana on the Ivory Coast. The music consists of four combined drum parts with each individual piece of music conveying special meaning. Dagomba performers are often members of a clan of drummers whose instruments consist of the lunga (talking drum) and the gungon (bass drum).

Tufts University, a DuraSpace Gold Sponsor, has made a unique collection of Dagomba Dance Drumming resources available for public access through the Tufts Digital Library (from the collection record):

"The Dagomba Dance Drumming collection compiles musical and cultural information about the dance drumming tradition of the Dagomba people. The collection includes the histories of each piece of music, musical notation, and audio files where the music piece are taught part-by-part or performed as a whole. These resources were created by Alhaji Abubakari Lunna, an expert on Dagomba performing arts, and Tufts Professor of Music David Locke."

You may browse audio files, drum language texts, history stories, and musical and rhythm notation from the Dagomba Dance Drumming collection here: