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Updates from the Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group (PASIG)

From Art Pasquinelli, Digital Libraries, Repositories, and Preservation, Oracle 

Redwood City, CA I would like to take this opportunity to announce that Stanford's Tom Cramer will now take the helm of the PASIG and will help guide it into an independent organization status. I will continue to be formally involved, as will Mike Keller, and continuing and new steering committee members (TBD). Expect to see a posting from Tom on the PASIG website in the next several days.

We heard clearly from the surveys of the 220 combined attendees of the London and Redwood City PASIGs that;

1) Preservation and Long-term Data Retention are still the key themes of interest to members.
2) Attendees wanted in-depth comparisons of working preservation and repository architectures.
3) People want a customer-driven, independent organization.
4) Participants want to see how different industries are implementing Preservation frameworks. Areas of growing interest are Research and Audio-visual data management.
5) The input on meetings was that we should re-institute a N. America-EMEA six month cadence.

The recent presentations from the Redwood City PASIG meeting May 10-12 are now posted at I would like to thank all the contributors for their time, energy, and insights.

In addition to the May PASIG materials, there are also links to presentations from the London PASIG in April, the Educopia Institute Estonia meeting in May, and the Research Data Access and Preservation Summit (RDAP11) meeting at the end of March.