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There's Still Time to Sign Up for a FREE DuraCloud Account

Winchester, MA Do you wonder about how cloud storage and computing might work for your organization? Sign up for a FREE DuraCloud trial account and find out just how easy and efficicient it can be with DuraCloud.

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DuraCloud makes it easy to store and do more in the cloud. Our service makes the preservation of your content simple and cost effective by allowing you to move copies into the cloud and store them with several different providers, all with a few clicks. DuraCloud eliminates the risk of storing content with a single cloud provider by making it easy to move and copy files of any shape or size. By letting you move and copy any kind of file to multiple places, the risk of trusting your content to a single cloud provider goes away. You can access and manage your content through our simple web-based dashboard, and we are integrated with the DSpace and Fedora repository platforms. This makes it a cinch to back up and synchronize content from your repository into the cloud. Once your content is in DuraCloud, you can do more with your data–stream it, view it, manage, and transform it.

DuraCloud is simple. Anyone with access to a web browser can operate it, no programming skills required. You can replicate your content to one or many cloud providers. You can choose from a number of services for managing your content in the cloud, all integrated into one single web-based dashboard.

DuraCloud is flexible. You can back up any kind of content with our service. We don’t make you package your files in a special way, or do any additional processing. You can scale up or down based on your needs, with no advanced provisioning of storage. And we’re built on open source technology, backed by the expertise of user communities.

DuraCloud is a hosted service. We run our software in the cloud, so you do not have to install and run it on your own computers.

DuraCloud is a fully managed solution. We integrate several different software packages and cloud service providers–all available to use in one unified web-based dashboard. You only pay DuraSpace, we manage all the cloud provider billing, agreements and technical integrations.

DuraCloud does more. DuraCloud is integrated with DSpace and Fedora repositories. We continue to add additional services to the DuraCloud platform to help users preserve and do more with their content.