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DSpace Workshop: Lets Get Started! Creating Institutional Repositories Using Open Source Software

Cape Town, South Africa Join organizers Ina Smith and Hilton Gibson for a one-day workshop on Friday Sept. 16, 2011 focused on creating institutional repositories with DSpace. The Workshop will take place as part of the 14th International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD2011) in Cape Town, South Africa.


During the past 5 years, there was a significant growth in libraries implementing institutional repositories, and it is still growing ( ). Institutional repositories have been implemented to digitally preserve and archive the research assets of individual institutions, but also to provide open access to research conducted by members of the research communities from these institutions. The Open Access and Open Source Software movements have gained rapid momentum world over. Many institutions and organizations are setting up open access repositories using open source software, following open standards. There are a number of free open source software products available for developing digital libraries, and DSpace ( ) is one of the most popular software developed jointly by MIT Libraries and HP labs. DSpace is a digital asset management system. It helps create, index and retrieve various forms of digital content. DSpace is adaptable to different community needs. Interoperability between systems is built-in and it adheres to international standards for metadata.

This workshop is planned to meet the growing interest in implementing repositories using DSpace open source software, and to assist institutions who haven’t implemented or are in the early stages of implementing an institutional repository.