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CALL: Intern'l Conference on Metadata and Semantic Research (MTSR'11)–Special Track on Metadata and Semantics in OA Repositories

From Imma Subirats, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Rome, Italy A Special Track on Metadata and Semantics in Open Access Repositories will be offered at The Fifth Metadata and Semantics Research Conference (MTSR 2011) at Yasar University, Izmir-Turkey October 12-14, 2011.

MTSR Conference web site:

Special track web site:

Handling metadata and semantics in open access repositories and infrastructures is becoming increasingly challenging due to emerging requirements like repositories of scientific data sets, interoperability of repositories with external services and applications, capturing research context (projects, funding programmes, research infrastructures) in addition to research output, metadata management in research infrastructures across disciplines, application of semantic web technologies in repositories, digital preservation.

Taming the complexity of metadata and semantics in open access infrastructures is a major challenge and the subject of intense ongoing activities worldwide. The impact of these efforts can be very significant, including aspects like enhanced interoperability of open access repositories with repositories, aggregators as well as external services and applications, reduced cost of information exchange and integration, wide re-use of repository data and services across disciplines and availability of high quality, reliable value-added services over repositories.


The aim of this Special Track is to bring together researchers and practitioners that are working on open access repositories and data management in research infrastructures.

The track will serve as a discussion forum for experts to present recent results and experiences, establish liaisons with other groups, and reflect on the state-of-the-art of metadata and semantic aspects of open access repositories and infrastructures.


Topics include but are not limited to the following:
• Information standards and specifications for open access repositories
• Information exchange, aggregation and integration in open access infrastructures
• Interoperability in open access infrastructures
• Open access infrastructures for scientific data
• Metadata schemas and application profiles
• Multilingual vocabularies, taxonomies, glossaries and thesauri
• Support of advanced features for repository metadata: compound objects, complex relationships, handling heterogeneous content, versioning, etc.
• Information mining and extraction in open access repositories
• Application of semantic web technologies in open access repositories and infrastructures
• Metadata quality in repositories and infrastructures
• Mechanisms and infrastructures for persistent identification of entities (e.g. digital objects, people, organisations) and authority control in metadata
• Digital preservation workflows and mechanisms and impact on metadata
• Metadata and knowledge representation in research infrastructures across disciplines
• Metadata and semantics for grey literature repositories
• Metadata and semantics for research information–interoperability of open access repositories and CRIS
• Value-added services based on repository metadata


2011, June 20th: paper submission
2011, July 20th: acceptance/rejection notification
2011, July 31th: camera-ready papers due
2011, October 12th-14th: MTSR'11 in Izmir-Turkey.

PROGRAM COMMITTEE (to be completed)

• Donatella Castelli, Institute of Information Science and Technologies - Italian National Research Council (ISTI-CNR), Italy
• Les Carr, University of Southampton, UK
• Gordon Dunshire, University of Strathclyde, UK
• David Giaretta, Science and Technology Facilities Council, UK
• Yannis Ioannidis, University of Athens, Greece
• Kris Jack, Mendeley, UK
• Keith Jeffery, Science and Technology Facilities Council, UK
• Brigitte Jorg, German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), Germany
• Daniela Luzi, Institute for Population and Social Policy Research - Italian National Research Council (IRPPS-CNR), Italy
• Paolo Manghi, Institute of Information Science and Technologies–Italian National Research Council (ISTI-CNR), Italy
• Natalia Manola, University of Athens, Greece
• Nikos Manouselis, University of Alcala, Spain, and Agro-Know Technologies (Greece)
• Dimitris Plexousakis, University of Crete and ICS-FORTH, Greece
• Antonella De Robbio, University of Padova, Italy
• Eloy Rodrigues, University of Minho, Portugal
• Joachim Schopfel, University of Lille, France
• Panagiotis Stathopoulos, National Documentation Centre, Greece
• Peter Wittenburg, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, The Netherlands
• Marcia Zeng, Kent State University, USA


Interested authors can submit either full papers (12 pages) or short papers (6 pages) reporting on either mature or ongoing research. Papers should be original and not previously submitted to other venues. More information on submission can be found at the conference web site.


* Program-Electronic Library and Information Systems
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* International Journal of Metadata Semantics and Ontologies
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• Imma Subirats, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (Italy)
• Nikos Houssos, National Documentation Centre (Greece)