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DuraSpace 2011 Sponsorship Campaign Update

From Valorie Hollister, DuraSpace

Ithaca, NY Last week kicked off the 2011 DuraSpace Sponsorship Campaign (see press release).  The sponsor program is designed to help sustain the DuraSpace organization, a not-for-profit. In addition to the press release, 700 sponsorship packets were mailed to library directors at institutions around the world. For more information about the sponsor packets you can visit:  You can also read more about our 2010 accomplishments and 2011 initiatives in our annual report (

Please encourage your organization's leadership and others in your network to support the DuraSpace 2011 Sponsorship Campaign. With the community's help we will continue to enhance our existing technologies, advocate for our user community and innovate with new solutions that ensure the long-term durability of our collective digital heritage.