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CALL for Ideas: Open Video Conference 2011

New York, NY Sixteen problems, sixteen sessions. That's the theme of this year's smaller, more focused Open Video Conference, which takes place Sep. 10-11 in New York City. Apply now through May 31, 2011 to lead a session.

Do you have ideas about how to make web video better? Do you want to convene the smartest people working in technology, policy, and the creative arts to solve a big problem?

If so, you're probably the right person to lead a session at OVC 2011 in New York. We're looking to assemble 16 hands-on working groups to advance the open video movement.

  • Maybe you're working on a killer piece of software that will revolutionize online video.
  • Maybe you're working on a groundbreaking documentary that uses the web in new and interesting ways.
  • Maybe you're working on a policy proposal that will make more voices heard in the new media environment.

What have you learned in the process? What would make online video more participatory, more generative, more dynamic? How can we harness the potential of online video to bring new tools of creative and political expression to a mass audience?

What's your idea? We want to hear it.

Hurry! The deadline is May 31st. We accept proposals on a rolling basis. If your session is accepted, you will become eligible for limited travel funding.