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Presentations from PASIG at the British Library Available

From Art Pasquinelli, Solutions Specialist, Digital Libraries, Repositories, and Preservation, Oracle

Redwood City, CA Presentations from the recent PASIG held at the British Library April 4-5 are posted at: They may also be accessed via the website.

The meeting was attended by 140 participants. I would like to thank all the speakers and the event team for all their assistance. Here are some highlights from the participant survey:

1) Tiered Architectures and Long-term Data Retention are still the central themes attendees were focused on. There was a lot of interest in our tape developments including the T10000C and also Storage Archive Manager (SAM).

2) While most of the attendees were from Public Sector organizations, there is a lot of interest in looking at what is being done in other vertical markets regarding Preservation.

3) There was a lot of secondary interest in content management and access, research data infrastructures, and scalable uses of the Oracle database.

4) People appreciate the uniqueness of the PASIG to discuss best practices around IT storage architectures. While the content was very well-received, more discussion time was requested.

The Oracle PASIG User Group will be held May 10-12 in in Redwood City, CA. Currently 65-70 attendees have registered. Anyone interested in defining how this group evolves should register asap at: