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PREVIEW: DuraCloud Open Source 0.9 Release

Ithaca, NY The focus of DuraCloud 0.9 Open Source release, scheduled for the end of April 2011, is simplification and improvement of the bulk services currently available. Bulk services are those that run over large amounts of data including bit integrity checking, image conversion, and duplicating content from one storage provider to another. Highlights include:


• Synchronization: The duplication on ingest service which originally would automatically make a copy of the content you were transferring to your primary storage provider in DuraCloud to your secondary storage provider, will now keep that same data in sync by replicating updates and deletes as well. Ultimately, this new capability will allow the duplicate on ingest service to be a complete synchronization between your primary and secondary stores in DuraCloud.

• Storage: A beta integration with Microsoft Azure will be part of this DuraCloud release, as additional storage provider option (alongside Amazon and Rackspace).

• Example ServiceClient. This is analogous to the example StoreClient which has been available as part of DuraCloud OS for sometime. ServiceClient provides some direction for those wanting to write Java code to interact with their DuraCloud services.


• Services: Small updates will be made to other DuraCloud services to make them process more quickly and provide access to content more effectively.

• Usability: Uploads of content will appear in reverse upload order, making them much easier to navigate in the DurAdmin user interface

• Reporting: Service run reports will be more clearly differentiated, as well as standardized on the csv format.