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Calling all Students, GSoC 2011 Applications due by April 8!

Ithaca, NY Calling all students, Google Summer of Code 2011 Applications are due by April 8!

(Professors, please share this with your students! Librarians, please forward to both professors and students!)


That's right! Apply for Google Summer of Code and you can earn $5000 USD for a summer's worth of work! In addition, you will gain valuable experience in a friendly open source community (looks great on your resume!). You may even see your code as part of one of our DuraSpace technologies!

DuraSpace is specifically looking for GSoC students who are interested in one or more of the following topics: digital preservation/curation, institutional repositories, digital libraries/archives, cloud computing, semantic web, web services/applications, open access publishing, and generally helping to ensure digital content can be accessible over the long term.

For GSoC 2011, we are looking for students interested in working on any of our three open source technology platforms:
DSpace - a turnkey institutional repository application
Fedora - a framework for building digital repositories
DuraCloud - a hosted service for managing digital content in the cloud

For a list of all current DuraSpace GSoC Project Ideas, please visit:

Students are also welcome to suggest their own Project Ideas! If you'd like to begin the discussion early, please join our 'duraspace-gsoc' mailing list.

If you aren't yet convinced, here are some videos/propaganda to encourage your participation in GSoC:
GSoC 2011 Flyers
• From GSoC 2009 - GSoC experiences and a "History of Open Source"
Other Screencasts / Videos about GSoC

To participate in GSoC 2011 as a student, please visit the Google Summer of Code homepage to submit your application:

In addition, we ask that you send in your application using the DuraSpace application template available on our DuraSpace GSoC profile.

More information about DuraSpace and our projects can be found on our DuraSpace GSoC 2011 wiki page.

The student application period began on Monday, March 28th and ends on Friday, April 8. See the GSoC 2011 Site for more details.