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Up and Running with DSpace

From Bram Luyten, @mire

Ithaca, NY  DSpace is a turnkey institutional repository application that is characterized as "out-of-the-box" repository software. What does that mean with regard to adding specific customizations and workflows and deploying a production DSpace repository? Requirements for a particular installation, a feature or specialized functionality might seem simple, but could have big implications for the amount of coding work required. This also works vice-versa, some customizations are less work intensive than they seem.

A Java programmer with enough system administration knowledge to also actually deploy the repository and the underlying software, should have a DEFAULT DSpace repository up and running in 1 or 2 weeks tops. (perhaps even 1-2 HOURS, but additional time could be needed to take care of specific issues or bugs). In almost any case, 2 weeks is a more accurate estimate of time than 2 months.

@mire is a DuraSpace Registered Service Provider and an international company that is fully focused on providing DSpace services and add-on modules. Among other services, @mire offers remote installation services through our own developers, directly on client servers and cloud platforms like Amazon EC2.

In @mire's experience, the time required for a DSpace installation also heavily depends on developer proficiency with the operating system and database. For example an Oracle expert will have an easier time installing and using an Oracle DSpace opposed to the PostgreSQL alternative. So if your organization can leverage a developer's experience with these platforms when making your decision on OS and database, you will shorten installation time.

Feel free to contact @mire for more information.