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NEW D-Lib Magazine: Humanist Info Needs; Resource Sharing Australia; Digitization/Metadata for Digital Audio; K-12 Digital Prima

From Bonnie Wilson, D-Lib Magazine

The March/April 2011 issue of D-Lib Magazine ( is now available.

This issue contains five articles and two conference reports. Also in this issue you can find the 'In Brief' column, excerpts from recent press releases, and news of upcoming conferences and other items of interest in 'Clips and Pointers'. This month, D-Lib features the Galaxy of Images collection courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution Libraries.

The articles include:

Discovering the Information Needs of Humanists When Planning an Institutional Repository
Article by David Seaman, Dartmouth College Library

Resource Sharing in Australia: Find and Get in Trove – Making "Getting" Better
Article by Rose Holley, National Library of Australia

The Conference on World Affairs Archive Online: Digitization and Metadata for a Digital Audio Pilot
Article by Michael Dulock and Holley Long, University of Colorado at Boulder

Teaching Use of Digital Primary Sources for K-12 Settings
Article by Anne R. Diekema, Heather Leary, Sheri Haderlie, and Cheryl D. Walters, Utah State University

Towards Transparent and Scalable OpenURL Quality Metrics
Article by Adam Chandler, Glen Wiley and Jim LeBlanc, Cornell University Library

The conference reports are:

Open Access, Open Data: Paradigm Shifts in the Changing Scholarly Communication Scenario
Conference Report by Elena Giglia, University of Turin

Next Steps in Research, Education and Practice in Digital Curation and Publishing: A Workshop Report from the Fourth Bloomsbury Conference on E-Publishing and E-Publication
Conference Report by Carolyn Hank, McGill University; Joyce Ray, Institute of Museum and Library Services; and Anthony Watkinson, University College London

D-Lib Magazine has mirror sites at the following locations:

UKOLN, University of Bath, Bath, England

The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

State Library of Lower Saxony and the University Library of Goettingen, Goettingen,

Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan

BN - National Library of Portugal, Portugal

(If the mirror site closest to you is not displaying the March/April 2011 issue of D-Lib Magazine at this time, please check back later. There is a delay between the time the magazine is released in the United States and the time when the mirroring process has been completed.)