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A Preview of Fedora 3.5

The Fedora committers are now in the final month of wrapping up Fedora 3.5, scheduled for release at the end of March 2011. This release focuses on several "under the hood" changes that improve the service's ability to be integrated and tested as part of larger repository systems and sets the stage for a full move to Spring-based pluggability and configuration. Several of the most popular issues will also be addressed in this release, including dropping the requirement to use DBXML if you elect to use FeSL for policy enforcement. For a full list of the changes planned for this release, please see [1].

Issues that are "Unassigned" in the list above are still considered in-scope for the release, but we need developer volunteers to help out with them. Please get in touch with us via the dev mailing list [2] or JIRA comments if you think you can help. We'd love to have your contribution!

The Fedora Committer Team

[1] All issues planned for Fedora 3.5:

[2] Fedora Commons Developer Mailing List: