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Announcements: EARLY CALL: OAI7 Pre-Conference DSpace User Group Meeting

@mire and the DSpace Community Advisory Team with the support of DuraSpace, invite all DSpace enthusiasts to this DSpace user group meeting on Tuesday, June 21st from 9:00am to 5:00pm in Geneva. Taking place right before the OAI7 conference, the meeting will feature sessions on the upcoming DSpace 1.8 release, both addressed to repository managers and developers. In addition, @mire representatives will introduce @mire's unique offering of services and add-on modules, supporting institutions running their own in-house repository. Many thanks to Duraspace and @mire, a Registered DSpace Service Provider, for sponsoring this meeting.
Official page & registration for this day (separate from general OAI7 registration):
DRAFT Session Schedule & Call for contribution
Currently, we are drafting the schedule and welcome suggestions for speakers and presentations.
The outline below is still very much work in progress and should only be regarded as an indicator on "what to expect". If you want to contribute to one of these sessions, please send an email describing how you'd like to contribute.
First Session: Statistics & Repository Exposure
- CONFIRMED: Isidro F. Aguillo will talk about the Webometrics repository ranking
- good or bad for your online visibility?
- Hands-on statistics customization how-to
- A presentation by someone from Google, with more background how Google & Google Scholar index repositories
Second Session: DSpace 1.8
- Introduction to the first beta, new release process
- Presentation of new features
- Explanation on how community members can contribute on the development, testing, etc.
Third Session: Repository Manager Session
- DSpace use case presentations, focussing on novel approaches in content, functionality, etc.
- Your repository team: discussion on which skills & roles you need in-house, how you can make an annual repository budget, etc.
Fourth Session: Collaboration
- @mire services & modules
- Duraspace presentation on Duracloud, Fedora & DSpace moving closer.
Two other interesting topics that we're not quite yet whether we can fit them in
- Manaking vs JSP User Interface: short introduction on the technical structure of both, skills required to customize, outlook on the future of the user interfaces.
- To Host or to be Hosted: Pro & Con presentation, issues, challenges of both in-house hosting of DSpace versus external hosting, or cloud solutions.
Please contact Bram Luyten or Valorie Hollister