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CALL for DSpace Community Advisory Team (DCAT) Members

Ithaca, NY Would you like to get involved in the new feature development process for DSpace? Would you like to learn more about the DSpace release process? Would you like to expand your network and connections in the DSpace community?  The DSpace Community Advisory Team (DCAT) is currently seeking new members from the DSpace user community.

The primary goals of DCAT is to help review and facilitate community-wide discussions about new feature requests and to provide support to the DSpace Committer group in producing software releases.

The main activities of DCAT are:

•Review JIRA new feature requests, provide draft of recommendations and lead DCAT discussion on the request
•Provide feedback in JIRA about specific new feature requests
•Facilitate community-wide discussions on selected new feature requests - flesh out minimum requirements and potential project team / stakeholders and developers
•Attend monthly DCAT teleconferences
•Collaborate on other project, tools, resources which serve the community
•Help to organize user group meetings
•Network regularly with other DSpace users in country/region
•Participate in mailing lists or discussion forums to share knowledge and best practices
•Periodically attend the weekly DSpace Committers meetings

DCAT members will help develop and refine priorities as necessary.  Estimated time for each team member is around 5-10 hours a month.

Most of the DCAT work takes place outside of the monthly meeting -- so members who are unable to attend the meeting regularly can still contribute significantly to the DCAT efforts. The team meets on the 1st Tuesday of every month via a conference call, alternating times every month between 9:00am Eastern/14:00 GMT or 3:00pm Eastern/20:00 GMT to accommodate those in different time zones. The purpose of the meeting is primarily to share news/information and refine our review process.

DCAT members are volunteers from the world-wide DSpace user community. Members will be primarily made up of individuals who function as DSpace repository managers at their institution and have an interest in advancing the DSpace software, developing resources/tools for DSpace users and as well as expanding the user community network world-wide. The team aims to have representatives from variety of countries/regions in order to provide broad support the DSpace user community.

For more information about DCAT, please see the message below or visit the wiki (

Please feel free to contact me directly if you are interested in learning more or if you would like to become a member of DCAT.