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A Lightweight, Rich Media Streaming Solution With VTLS and Fedora

Blacksburg, VA The strength of the Fedora open source repository platform software lies in its flexibility and extensibility which in turn allows developers and service providers to customize solutions to meet specialized needs. Vishesh Chachra, VP, VTLS (, is convinced that allowing potential customers experience the power of streaming media with the VTLS' new VITAL Media solution integrated with Fedora will help to promote the use of both VTLS and Fedora.

VTLS’ new VITAL Media solution allows organizations to create multi-channel videos to meet teaching and learning needs for education and professional development.  The VITAL Media creation tool lets users to synchronize multiple video and audio inputs (example: a speaker, a powerpoint, a PC screen and audio), manage the content using VITAL and Fedora, and deliver the resulting streaming videos using the VITAL Media cloud solution.

VITAL Media makes it easy to create and manage digital media while the VITAL repository built on Fedora allows users to ingest, index and store valuable digital media and control access to it.

Using VITAL and Fedora you can also manage digital media published in multiple locations. VITAL keeps a record and a link to where your content has been published by managing each updated version of your rich media files.

Contact, if you are interested in a guided demonstration of the VITAL Media solution: