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NOW AVAILABLE: Fedora 3.4.2 Improves Memory and Stability

Ithaca, NY The Fedora committer team has announced the release of Fedora 3.4.2.

This is a bugfix release that addresses several memory and stability issues with the core repository service.

Many thanks to those in the community who contributed to this release; particularly Janna Wemekamp (FCREPO-774 and FCREPO-823), Jörg Panzer (FCREPO-774), Nigel Thomas (FCREPO-846) and Mark Roy (FCREPO-820). Your help in identifying bugs, submitting patches, and road-testing fixes is very much appreciated.

We rely on continuing feedback from the community to ensure the ongoing quality and improvement of the Fedora Repository. Contributions are always welcome, particularly comments and feedback on your use of Fedora, reporting of any bugs you discover, code contributions and patches, and assistance with testing. Please let us have your thoughts via the Fedora Commons Users mailing list. Please see our Getting Involved page ( for more information about code contributions.

For download, installation, and upgrade instructions, see the Install Guide:

More more detailed information about what's in this release, see the Release Notes: