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Digital Preservation Pioneer Michele Kimpton: Getting People and Technologies to Work Together

Ithaca, NY In introducing the Digital Preservation Pioneers feature the Library of Congress's Digital Preservation Program notes that the program itself has only been around since 2000 when stewards of our nations cultural and scientific heritage became aware that the scholarly enterprise was moving towards being all digital, all the time. Who would ensure that our collective scholarly record would be available for future generations?

Each month the Library of Congress publishes a profile of a person or organization whose contributions to the field of digital preservation and archiving are particularly noteworthy. In December Michele Kimpton, Chief Business Officer, DuraSpace, was honored for her work in developing entrepreneurial, community-driven and culturally sensitive approaches to creating tools and strategies in support of digital archiving. Kimpton was also lauded for her ability to create nimble technologies and solutions that are "out of the gate" quickly: "Get a version out into the world as soon as possible and refine it as you go along."

Read "Digital Preservation Pioneer: Michele Kimpton" here:

As CBO for DuraSpace Kimpton continues to use her skills to advance the idea that cloud infrastructure will enable collaboration and reuse of content more easily across institutions as Project Manager for DuraCloud. Set to launch as a hosted service in 2011, DuraCloud makes it easy for organizations and end users to use cloud services by leveraging existing cloud infrastructure to enable durability and access to digital content.