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REMINDER: DSpace e-forum on the General Listserv, Jan. 20

From Alice Platt, Digital Initiatives Librarian, Southern New Hampshire University

Manchester, NH Next Thursday - Friday, January 20-21, DuraSpace volunteers will host the first electronic discussion forum—"DSpace e-forum: an online discussion". This two-day moderated forum will provide an opportunity for practitioners to discuss topics through the DSpace-General listserv.

If you are a manager, administrator, cataloger, or are in any way involved in repository work, please participate in the discussion, to share your thoughts or learn new approaches to running a successful institutional repository. To participate, you must be signed up for the DSpace-General listserv. If you are currently a member of the listserv, you will automatically be included on the discussion forum.

Our first discussion:

January 20-21, 2010
"Is DSpace 1.7 on your roadmap?"
moderated by Alice Platt, Southern New Hampshire University
Discussion will begin at 10 a.m. E.S.T. Jan. 20 and conclude at 6 p.m. E.S.T. Jan. 21.*

DSpace 1.7 has just been released. Join this inaugural discussion to find out what the new features are and hear from those who have upgraded. Is DSpace 1.7 on your institutional roadmap? Why or why not?

Future E-Forum topics will be announced, and are scheduled to take place on March 17-18, and May 19-20.

The discussions are free and open to the public and will take place on the DSpace General listserv. To sign up for this listserv go to:

For those who are unable to participate, key points and comments will be summarized and posted to the listserv at the end of each discussion.

We realize that DSpace users are active around the globe, so you may respond to the forum in your own time. However, the schedule does indicate when the moderators will be available.