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Thank You to Our DuraSpace Community of Supporters

Preserving the world’s

intellectual, cultural and

scientific heritage isn’t easy.


It’s vital. Together we can do it.

Ithaca, NY With this call to action the successful 2010 DuraSpace Sponsorship Program was launched in May of 2010 to ask partners, collaborators, colleagues and communities to join DuraSpace in helping to save our shared scholarly, scientific and cultural record. Your response has been gratifying. The financial support gathered from our sponsors in 2010 will boost our organization's efforts towards sustaining and improving Fedora and DSpace, two of the most dominant global open source repository solutions.

Sandy Payette, CEO DuraSpace said, "The total number of gold sponsors exceeded our first year goal for Gold sponsorship. Many of our sponsors have been active participants in Fedora and DSpace development throughout the years. We are grateful to all of our 2010 sponsors for their ongoing participation and support."

DuraSpace will continue to deliver "Always and forever, no matter what," as we look forward to ongoing improvements to DSpace and Fedora as well as a 2011 first quarter launch of DuraCloud, a robust service set to provide preservation support and data management built on cloud infrastructure.

As part of the ecosystem of organizations and communities which are involved in digital preservation, all of us at DuraSpace would like to thank all of our 2010 sponsors, and take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year.

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