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6th Intern'l Digital Curation Conference: "Participation & Practice: "Growing the Curation Community through the Data Decade"

Chicago, IL The 6th International Digital Curation Conference is set to get underway on December 6 with a full programme:

Speakers will include:

•Kevin Ashley, Director of the Digital Curation Centre
•Christine Borgman, Presidential Chair & Professor of  Information Studies, University of California.
•Sheila Corrall, Professor of Librarianship & Information Management, University of Sheffield
•Stephen Friend, President and CEO Sage Bionetworks
•Chris Lintott, Principal Investigator,University of Oxford & Adler Planetarium
•Clifford Lynch,  Executive Director of the Coalition for Networked Information
•MacKenzie Smith, Associate Director for Technology, MIT Libraries.
•Barend Mons,Scientific Director, Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre & Biosemantics Group, Leiden University Medical Centre
•John Unsworth, Dean and Professor Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois.
•Antony Williams, Vice President of Strategic Development, ChemSpider, Royal Society of Chemistry

Registration is open here: