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DuraCloud OS in Action: Interoperable Fedora Repository to Pilot Distributed UK Research Services

London, UK In a recent presentation DuraSpace CTO Brad McLean outlined "Duraspace Open Integration Architecture–A Pathway to Interoperation." (audio recording available here) In his presentation he reviewed strategies for new services that would take advantage of Open Integration Architecture with DuraCloud at the heart of a "vibrant ecosystem of collaborating projects."

One example is the Kindera DuraCloud/Fedora JISC-funded hybrid:

From the web site: "Kindura will pilot the use of a hybrid cloud, shared service and in house model for providing repository-focused services to researchers across the partner institutions. These will include both services for managing research outputs and information (built on top of storage services), and services for processing research outputs (built on top of compute services).

We will implement our pilot using DuraCloud, which has been developed by the DuraSpace organization to provide a mechanism for brokering between cloud providers. We will set up and host our own instance of DuraCloud, which will allow us to implement a service customized to our users’ requirements. Specifically, we will use it to broker between storage or compute resources supplied by external cloud services, shared services, or in house services.

We will use the Fedora repository, which interoperates easily with DuraCloud, to provide the researcher front-end for managing research outputs and information. All services will appear as “cloud-like”, even internal ones – it is thus a hybrid approach that combines the advantages of the commercial/external cloud with an institutional/consortium cloud.

The pilot will provide cloud or cloud-like services at several levels. It provides Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) components, via storage and compute services, but more importantly it will combine these, using DuraCloud and Fedora as enabling technologies, to provide an integrated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) package of repository-centric services.

The Kindura project is funded by JISC within the Flexible Service Delivery programme

The project partners are

The project runs for 12 months from 01/08/2010 to 31/07/2011."